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About Tiindi

Organic shea butter

Tiindi means shea butter in Gambian. The African people discovered this secret ingredient in the nuts of the Tree of Life, also called the shea tree. The beneficial butter has been praised and honoured for centuries for its particularly wholesome and healing effect on the skin. All Tiindi products consist of organic oils and unrefined organic shea butter.

100% raw, 0% fake

Shea butter is full of vitamins A, E and F. The active substances provide intensive hydration, improve blood circulation and optimal subtlenessof the skin. In the Netherlands, large and commercial brands often use refined shea butter. Because pure shea butter loses its special effect during the refining process, these products do not offer their great benefits. That is why Tiindi only uses the pure product directly from the nuts of the tree, without any processing.

Zero waste packages

Tiindi uses environmentally friendly materials. Not only for their skincare products but also for their packaging. Tiindi uses high-quality violet glass for its packaging. This ensures excellent durability of the products and protection from UV light. All jars and bottles of Tiindi are made of recyclable glass.

A mission for a better world

Tiindi wants to create a world of awareness and respect for natural health and beauty. By choosing the products of Tiindi, with only natural ingredients, without processing and therefore without wasting water, using polluting plastic and toxic chemicals, together we contribute to healthy living conditions. And a healthy glowing skin.

Giving it back

Your purchase helps. Because with every purchase Tiindi contributes to the projects of Plan International Netherlands, such as the fight against female circumcision. Girls in developing countries are often caught in a vicious circle of poverty and discrimination. While girls, in particular, can make a difference if they are given a chance to go to school. More information:

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Founders Mira en Matty.