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Cleopatra – Mask


“For a flawless skin” | 50gram

Tiindi Cleopatra mask is made from the similar kind of ingredients that the beauty queen Cleopatra also used in her beauty regime. This unique combination of goat’s milk powder, almond powder, oat powder and rose petal powder with all their beautiful properties provides a synergistic effect.

As a result, it exfoliates the skin, raises the PH value and counteracts the breakdown of collagen and elastin. It soothes, cleanses, moisturises and has an antibacterial effect. Provides a more delicate looking skin texture and gives a beautiful glow!


Ingredients: Goat milk powder, almond powder, oat powder and rose leaf powder.

User manual

Mix about two teaspoons of mask powder with rosewater or yoghurt until a firm paste is formed. Apply the paste with a rotating motion over the entire face, neck and cleavage. May also be placed under the eyes! Let it soak in for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.


Storage advice: store preferably in a cool and dry place. Maximum room temperature. At higher temperatures, the structure of the product may change. This does not change the effect.


– The jar is made of violet glass; this protects it from (sun) light and contributes to better shelf life.

– The jar is recyclable for your herbs or oils.

– Cruelty-free.


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